The power of lightning

Lightning is defined to be “an atmospheric discharge of electricity, which typically occurs during thunderstorms”. A quite abstract technical definition, but does not describe what a lightnings looks alike … and especiallywhat humans think when they see and watch this. Two weeks ago I spend a day in Munique (Germany), and visited the “Deutsche Museum” (a big technical museum). It was indoor, and (only) 50.000 Volts … but a horrible feeling.

I took some pics in the darkness – and was not expecting to get such fascinating pictures, which much more look like art than like “hell”.



Lightning 3

WordPress Theme Fawnt Released

The design of FAWNT attracted many people due to its simplicity. We decided to release this theme for Worpdress for free.
It is currently running with WP 2.3.1 and widgets, but should do older versions as well. The CSS is documented to allow necessary changes. The Html – Code validates well (with the exception of the social bookmarks coming from a WP module), and has small size to load quickly.
It is Widget-Read, but in non-widget mode additional buttons for the “Pages” appear above the posts

Have fun – Any comments wellcome!

Matt Cutts, the cats and a Christmas Tree

Some of them may have heard of him: Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team. He runs a personal blog, which is certainly one of the biggest blogs in the world with a Pagerank of 7 and and Alexa traffic ranking of 4.780.

So a serious guy and a serious blog- one might assume. Fully wrong, as I learned seeing his last post under

One of the most important guys in the web world is sitting on a chair like a drunken sailer, some miserable photos of a cat in a Christmas tree don´t change the picture too much.

So, should this be the direction of the web to go? Hopefully not. Dear Mr. Cutts, if you ever read this: Please do not misuse your position to give us boring stories, bad pictures and a lot of nonsense. You should follopw the quality guideline you are expecting from others as well.

Thank you!

How it began!

Nice to see you here!

Just let me introduce myself. Call me Andy, I´m living in good ole Germany. Well, at first let me tell you why I´m here. It is simple: Because I liked the page. The guy who developed this site had a fantastic idea: Bring back beauty.

Looking into most of the piles of thousands and thousands of fonts you get mad. Okay, we have them here as well, but only for those who have too much time. But looking to font number 167 or so does not really help, unless you have a reall specific question. Most of us simply need something “better” that our “Arial” or “Times roman”. So I hope you find here what you need.

It is not my intention to have a fixed programme here just about “fonts”. No, would be too boring. There are enough sites about typography around for this.

What I like to do is to show you some other nice sites which I already know or will see. Also, if you know an interesting site, let me know, maybe I´m going to make a review.

The other thing is more a mixture of daily life and nice things which I see. I like my digicam, so I will need some space for some of my pics.

Garfield alive