WordPress Theme Fawnt Released

The design of FAWNT attracted many people due to its simplicity. We decided to release this theme for Worpdress for free.
It is currently running with WP 2.3.1 and widgets, but should do older versions as well. The CSS is documented to allow necessary changes. The Html – Code validates well (with the exception of the social bookmarks coming from a WP module), and has small size to load quickly.
It is Widget-Read, but in non-widget mode additional buttons for the “Pages” appear above the posts
Download: http://www.fawnt.com/design/fawnt.zip

Have fun – Any comments wellcome!

Font Designers Become Popular Overnight

Fawnt.com changed the world – a little bit at least. Everybody is using fonts, downloading them, and using … in most cases without know where is comes from.

Indeed it is a good question, who is “owning” a font. There has been a lot of discussion about the fonts which Microsoft is delivering with that what they call “operating system”. It would not work without “Arial” or “Times Roman”, but the daily use of these fonts produced a huge spread of these. Myriads of documents exits in both the worlds of internet and paper, but few people think about the one who designed and styled them, or may be better said copied them.

There is a certain conflict: We need a font to read this, and we do not want to use the same font developed by a german guy called “Gutenberg” some centuries ago. On the other side we have the conflict, that “inventing” a nice new font is certainly a creative work, for which a professional needs some return some day.

True is that the large newspapers and book producers use “licensend” fonts, but beyound this most of people will not care – not knowing it in most cases. An also it is true that many of the printed material would have not been produced if a fee had to be paid on the font.

Okay, we will not end this discussion, but one of the principles of fawnt.com is to help the desdines of creative work. That is the majour point, if you click on one of the fonts on the top site. You come to the site where you find more infos about the font. Its not always the designer, but we would love to have as many as possible in there.

Some of the sites did already receive nearly 10.000 visitors from us, so not bad for them. We are currently working on enhancing the technology, as currently ewverything is done by hand.

So come back, and enjoy the fonts in the meantime

Matt Cutts, the cats and a Christmas Tree

Some of them may have heard of him: Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team. He runs a personal blog, which is certainly one of the biggest blogs in the world with a Pagerank of 7 and and Alexa traffic ranking of 4.780.

So a serious guy and a serious blog- one might assume. Fully wrong, as I learned seeing his last post under http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/pubcon-intermission-cat-post

One of the most important guys in the web world is sitting on a chair like a drunken sailer, some miserable photos of a cat in a Christmas tree don´t change the picture too much.

So, should this be the direction of the web to go? Hopefully not. Dear Mr. Cutts, if you ever read this: Please do not misuse your position to give us boring stories, bad pictures and a lot of nonsense. You should follopw the quality guideline you are expecting from others as well.

Thank you!