Picasso and the Origins of Design

Design is a word of modern world ? Wrong! Design is an experience of culture since humans were able to make a drawing on a stone wall. Picasso invented modern art and design? Wrong again. Have a look yourself.

NYC - MoMA: Pablo Picasso's Repose
Creative Commons License photo credit: wallyg

His creativity was based on something very old, which few people realize. Indeed Picasso had a strong relation to african tribal art, which he loved. And it is astonishing, how close things become.

African Mask

Indeed african tribal art has been very typical for modern design: Very clear expression, simply but strong signs, simply concentration ont he most important items of a face or an object. The african tribes didn´t do that for purpose of art, it was part of their religion. They were wearing african masks during their religious procedures. If you want to learn more about this fascinating peaces of art, pay a visit to a nice collection of african tribal art, which also has a large gallery of african masks and african figures.

Design with a rainbow

The rainbow is a fascinating work of nature, which inspired designers as well as nature for many colourful and impressing pictures. But have a look yourself to some great pieces of art, enjoy and take some ideas with you! Just to start a nice rainbow …


Obviously a nice combination of “nature” and “art”:

An  Extreemely Rare Rainbow Zebra
Creative Commons License photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton

Moving away from nature to humanity, the colourful rainbow becomes part of daily life:

Just because I'm happy... I want you, my friends, to be happy too! I wish you all a very happy bright day!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Perla*

Creative Commons License photo credit: HKmPUA

Veggie Rainbow
Creative Commons License photo credit: ladnlins

Kitchen miracle
Creative Commons License photo credit: Glockenblume

Rainbow house
Creative Commons License photo credit: Octoferret