How it began!

Nice to see you here!

Just let me introduce myself. Call me Andy, I´m living in good ole Germany. Well, at first let me tell you why I´m here. It is simple: Because I liked the page. The guy who developed this site had a fantastic idea: Bring back beauty.

Looking into most of the piles of thousands and thousands of fonts you get mad. Okay, we have them here as well, but only for those who have too much time. But looking to font number 167 or so does not really help, unless you have a reall specific question. Most of us simply need something “better” that our “Arial” or “Times roman”. So I hope you find here what you need.

It is not my intention to have a fixed programme here just about “fonts”. No, would be too boring. There are enough sites about typography around for this.

What I like to do is to show you some other nice sites which I already know or will see. Also, if you know an interesting site, let me know, maybe I´m going to make a review.

The other thing is more a mixture of daily life and nice things which I see. I like my digicam, so I will need some space for some of my pics.

Garfield alive