Please tell me the name of this font used in this design?

I made this design for someone last august and I accidentally deleted the PSD file for it. Now he needs it enlarged and I’m having a hard time locating the font name? I have 1000’s on my computer and looked through them all but cant seem to find it.

The Answer by junglejungle :

dunno the name of it, looks like you added an effect to the basic font…

would be a good place to look , BUT its a lot of fonts, maybe u might also find new ones u like =) (by Markus at dhead fashion)

a good font choice for web design in journal articles? for web pages?

a good font choice for web design in journal articles? for web pages. I found…
but I need journal articles its important its a journal article. Any goverment standards for font?

The Answer by Apotheisâ„¢ Web2.0 :

Use anything you like, so long as it is sans-serif. The serif-based fonts are hard to read and will actually harm the success of your site. Visitors will not spend much time reading sites with the content in serif-based fonts – it's just too painful.

Font problems in web design; can u help?

I designed a website using Copperplate Gothic for a font. It has to stay in that font because it has to do with a logo. When I upload it and visit the website through a browser, that font doesn't show up. Instead it's in Times New Roman! I can't get it to upload properly! I need a detailed solution to this problem!
How does one "embed" the font. I need details, please!
I tried WEFT. I might have done something wrong. When trying to send the info to the website it sat there "working on it" for over a full day. Is this normal?

The Answer by dm :

instead of using font, make the font a graphic because if the font you are using is not installed in other people's computer it will not show on their computer.

The other option is to embed the font. You can use microsoft weft to do this. You can download it from here

How can I design my own font??

Is there a website where I can design my own font using mostly symbols and things instead of letters? Hopefully a free website…

The Answer by ♥SecRet TeLLeR♥ :

a free software is provided by the IT Gaint. Microsoft to create a font of your choice ,…
please download and install….
happy creating.. fonts!!!!!